Why I Chose a Pittsburgh SEO Company Over a St. Louis One

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There has been a noticeable shift towards companies carrying out some, if not all, of their business online. If your company is trying to promote itself, its products or its service on the Internet then it is absolutely essential that you use up to date search engine optimization techniques to drive traffic to your website. After all, the greater the amount of traffic you receive, the more sales you are likely to generate.

The problem is, search engine optimization (SEO) is a time consuming process. Even if you know a lot about SEO techniques – and many business owners do not – you probably don’t have sufficient time to implement everything that you know. Then even if you do use your own knowledge to boost your rankings, you still need to find the time to maintain your SEO efforts or your website will slowly slide into Internet oblivion again.

Because of this, it makes good business sense to hire an expert to handle SEO for you. An expert in the field will also be up to date with the latest shifts in SEO trends and search engine algorithms, so theoretically they will also be able to achieve better rankings than you might manage yourself.

But how do you ensure that the SEO in Pittsburgh specialist that you hire is up to the job? Why should you choose a Pittsburgh SEO company over a St. Louis SEO company? Ideally, you need to contrast and compare three to five companies to see which one has the best credentials and offers the most comprehensive package. Here are some of the important questions which you should be asking them. Before I begin, I do want to say that there is ONE SEO company in St. Louis that is hands down the best and that’s Gotch SEO. But besides them, the level of quality is pretty low and that’s exactly why I’m writing this article/rant because I found out that Pittsburgh is the hub for the best SEO companies.

What Is Your Experience?

It goes without saying that it is generally better to choose a SEO company with a proven track record, rather than a rookie business which is just starting out. However, the company’s type of experience is important too.

There are many different types of website and “successful SEO” might mean different things in different cases. It is not absolutely essential that the company you hire has a vast amount of experience with your niche and website type, but if they do it will certainly be a significant advantage. Question them about their portfolio.

Can You Provide A Referral?

If you went for a job interview, you would expect to be asked to provide a referee. When you are doing the interviewing, you should also be asking the SEO expert to provide you with referral details.

Be very wary of any company which refuses to give you the contact details for previous clients they have worked for. Once you do have the referral information, make sure you take the time to follow it up and speak to the clients. It will give you a very good idea of what the company is like to work with, and what sort of results might be achieved.

What SEO Techniques Are Used?

There are a wide variety of SEO techniques which can be used to drive traffic to a website, and a successful SEO campaign may make use of several of these. A good way to compare how good search engine optimization companies are is to ask them about their techniques in detail. They should be willing to put this into writing for you, so you can go away and make an informed choice about their services.

Do not be too shy to ask for clarification on any points you do not fully understand. If you do not know much about SEO, you may also wish to go away and do a little independent research into the topic so you can compare their proposal with contemporary and accepted SEO practices.

Are There Techniques They Are Not Willing To Use?

This question is more important than you might imagine, as there are some underhanded SEO companies which use questionable methods to boost the rankings of the website. The results may seem impressive in the short term, but inevitably the search engine providers will pick up on banned techniques and penalize your website. Once your website has lost its trust rating in the eyes of Google, it will be very difficult to rank your website again.

If you are not familiar with the term “black hat”, make sure you read up on it. Link cloaking is one of the most popular black hat tactics, but less professional SEO companies may also engage in Javascript re-directs, doorway pages and link hijacking. You should also read up on Google’s accepted practice guidelines for webmasters, as this will detail what SEO techniques may and may not be used.

Also, make sure you’re being careful about anchor text because it’s the main cause of penalties (source).

Of course, not all dodgy self proclaimed SEO experts will advertise the fact that they are engaging in risky tactics. Therefore you need to go with your gut instinct, and be very wary if a company is very evasive about their SEO methods. Ideally, when you ask about techniques they will not engage in, the company should reel off a list of black hat practices.

When Can I Expect To See The Results?

If SEO is done properly, it can take several months to see real results on where you website is ranking in the search engine results. In fact, if your website starts climbing the search results very rapidly it may attract negative attention from Google, as they might consider it a red flag for dodgy activity.

Many clients do not want to hear that it can take a very long time for the service that they are paying for to have any impact, so less professional SEO companies may simply lie. A SEO expert who says that they can guarantee you super fast results should be viewed with suspicion.

You also need to be aware that SEO does not stop when you reach your desired position in the search rankings. The search engines reward content which is new and relevant, so stopping all SEO activities will simply mean that Google ceases to view you as an authority and the rankings may plummet.

It is well worthwhile putting considerable time and effort into finding a good Pittsburgh SEO expert. These questions will help you to find the cream of the crop.

If you’re closer to Chicago, then you’ll want to check out NathanGotch.com – Nathan Gotch is the leading SEO expert in Chicago.

Funny Faces in St. Louis

The city of St. Louis has been part of history for hundreds of years, one of the most frequented cities in the United States. It has been the subject of some controversy, especially from surrounding towns as of late, but it will always be remembered as the city that was part of the Louisiana purchase. The city functions primarily on tourism, although there are many jobs in relation to manufacturing, services and trade. It is home to the St. Louis Cardinals, and the St. Louis Rams, two of the most recognized sports teams in the country. If you happen to be traveling through the area, you will be able to experience all that this city has to offer, and while you are there, you ought to take some selfies along the way. Funny faces go viral on the web, so if you enjoy interacting with friends and family online, taking pictures of funny face in St. Louis might be the first step to make.

Why Visit St. Louis?

Probably the most interesting aspect of living in St. Louis is the architecture. Of course, everyone has heard of the Gateway arch, one of the tallest monuments constructed in the United States. It is dedicated to Thomas Jefferson, and essentially represents a gateway to the western half of the United States. It was influenced by American, German and French colonial architects, and is usually the first stop, before any of the skyscrapers, museums, or even the zoo, that people go in order to take pictures.


Finding Funny Faces

What you are looking for with pictures that will contain funny faces are people that are reacting to something. It could be a moment that scares them, where they are excited about good news, or perhaps if they are simply thinking about something very deep. It just depends on their mood, and if you spend enough time walking around, you are bound to find several people that definitely fit the bill. It’s also a good idea to have something in the background, that way it doesn’t look like you are actually stocking people, but you are taking pictures of something in the city.

Best Funny Faces To Take

In most cases, you will want to get individual shots of people that are reacting to something. However, there is really nothing better than having a group reaction where everyone is reacting in a similar way. If you think about times where you have driven by cars where teenage girls are singing to the same song, or talent competitions where multiple people are doing exactly the same thing, there is something mesmerizing about the coordination of the activity that is going on. In the same way, group photos where people are laughing, angry, or even extremely excited make the best photos for sharing on social media. Remember, you want to make sure there is something else in the picture, and not to look too conspicuous, as you are searching for funny faces to take pictures of in the St. Louis area.

Now that you understand how you can go about finding the funniest faces in St. Louis, taking pictures is going to be easy. Whether you decide to visit the Missouri tentacle garden, the Gateway arch, the Forest Park, or the St. Louis zoo with friends and family, you are going to be able to find all of the hilarious pictures that you would like to take the next time that you visit St. Louis.

Finding the Duct Cleaning Company for You in St Louis

If you have recently installed central air or heat in your home, and a docking system has been added, you will likely have very little problems with your indoor air quality as a result of the new ducting system that has been installed. Unfortunately, when people forget to clean the carpets regularly, or if they are in an area where regular amounts of pollen, dust, and the possible development of mold due to high humidity levels in their home and outside, can lead to the development of breathing problems for everyone indoors even after just a few months of installing this brand-new system. It’s even worse if you have an older HVAC system installed, one that has not been clean for years. In order to make sure that your families in your air is as safe as possible, you should consider hiring a duct cleaning service to help you out. If you are in the St. Louis area, here are the easiest ways to find a quality duct cleaning in St Louis near you.

How Do Air Ducts Get Dirty?


There are a couple reasons why air docking systems can collect quite a bit of dirt. In fact, they can do much more than collect dirt, but can also be harbingers for the development of mold. All black mold needs is material upon which to feed, and a moderate level of moisture, something that can definitely occur within a ducting system. Over a period of several weeks or months, the mold can develop and grow, causing spores to be released, getting into the lungs of those inside that are breathing the air, leading to respiratory problems for everyone inside. At the very least, pollen can get into the docking system, despite having a filtration system at the intake, and without cleaning your ducting system regularly, breathing issues and health problems can arise.

Contacting A Reputable St. Louis Duct Cleaning Service

If you are in the St. Louis area, you can likely find a HVAC company that will be willing to help you out. These are professionals that not only install these types of systems, but they are experts at cleaning them as well. They will have all of the necessary equipment that will allow you to have the entire ducting system cleaned in a matter of hours, regardless of how large your home is or how extensive the ducting system happens to be. You can get quotes from multiple companies, find out about the rates that they charge, and their availability in the near future. Once they are done, you will notice a discernible difference between the air that you were breathing before, and the air that you are breathing now, making it all the more worthwhile plushy will have the peace of mind knowing that everyone inside will be breathing clean air.

The New Marketing Technique In St Louis

Search engine optimization (SEO) incorporates a series of techniques to help websites rank higher in the search results. This usually involves building links to your site from other sites in related industries, making sure your site has high-quality content, incorporating relevant keywords in your web copy and making sure your site meets the quality standards set forth by the major search engines.

While it is possible to optimize your site on your own, most people find that they get better results when they hire a qualified SEO firm to do it for them. Hiring an SEO expert in St Louis MO is the fastest, easiest way to get your site to the top of the search results.

The key, however, lies in hiring the right company for the job. Not all SEO firms are equally qualified to get you the results you want. It is important to choose a company that has an excellent reputation, fits within your price range and provides demonstrable results. Here are few tips to help you narrow down the selection:

Ask Business Associates For Recommendations


Do you network with business owners in related fields? If so, ask them if they have worked with an SEO firm for their websites. Getting a referral from a person you trust is the best way to ensure that a company lives up to their promises.

Read Online Reviews

The Internet has made it easier than ever to research local companies. Spend some time reading reviews of SEO firms in the St Louis area. Don’t discount a firm just because it has one or two negative reviews. Sometimes clients have unrealistic expectations. Instead, keep an open mind and focus on the overall pattern of reviews for each company. Make a list of firms that have generally positive reviews.

Schedule A Consultation With The Top Firms

After you have a list of the top-rated firms in the area, schedule a consultation with each one. During this meeting, you should be able to get a good feel for the type of service that they provide. Do they genuinely seem interested in working on your site, or is it just another site among many? Do they ask relevant questions about your industry? Do they sidestep the question when you ask them about the optimization techniques that they use?

It is important to choose a company that is transparent about their process. Otherwise, you run the risk of working with a firm that employs black hat optimization techniques. These methods are highly frowned upon by search engines and can wind up getting your site banned from the search results. That is why it is essential that you choose a company that follows SEO best practices and doesn’t cut corners with black hat techniques.

Finding a an SEO expert in St Louis is easy when you know where to look. Start by asking trusted associates for recommendations. Next, move on to reading online reviews. Finally, meet with each of the top-rated firms in the St. Louis area to decide which one is right for the job.

St Louis Ethanol Fireplaces Can Change Your Home

If you really like the look of a fireplace, but have no place to put a flue or chimney, an ethanol fireplace may be perfect for you. These fireplaces are clean, safe, and environmentally friendly and do not cost as much as a traditional fireplace.

An ethanol fireplace does not need to be vented, making it perfect for apartment dwellers or anyone else who does not have the space for a regular fireplace. These types of fireplaces can be moved from room to room or hung on a wall or in a corner.

Ethanol or Bio Ethanol

Ethanol is a fuel derived from natural, renewable resources. Considered an agricultural product, it is produced by the fermentation of types of sugar found in plants. These plants include corn, sugar cane, and other types of grain. Once the alcohol is extracted, it is denatured to make it unsafe to drink.

Bio ethanol burns without odor or smoke and emits very little CO2. It is important, however to ensure the space is well-ventilated and that there is a source of fresh air occasionally.

Ethanol fireplaces do not emit enough heat to be a primary source of heating for an area, but are great for supplementing the heat and adding warmth and ambience to a room. They are portable, making them a good choice for a small space.


Bio ethanol will discharge vapor as it burns. This means you need to be aware of the humidity level in a room, even though the vapor discharged is pretty low. If you find the humidity is rising, you may want to add a dehumidifier to the area.

For the most part, bio ethanol fuel has no odor. There may be a bit of an aroma when the fuel is poured or when the fireplace is first lit. Additionally, there are fuel scents which may be added to the fuel. These include various floral and citrus aromas, as well as spices and fresh, clean smells.


Ethanol fireplaces are very safe, but still need to be operated with caution since they do involve open flames. It is important not to refuel a unit while it is still hot and to ensure you always wash your hands after refueling, but before lighting the fireplace.

There are also safety considerations with the ethanol burner. The burner is one of the primary components of this type of fireplace. There are two types of burners: one with a porous material to absorb the fuel and one with containers for holding the fuel.

The safer type is the one which uses absorbent material to hold the fuel. This type of burner completely absorbs all of the liquid fuel, preventing the possibility of spills into the burner area. It is still important to be very careful when pouring the liquid fuel and to quickly wipe up any spills that may happen.

The second type of burner uses small cups or containers to hold the fuel. The fuel is poured into these containers and as the fuel heats up, it is possible for these cups to expand and lose fuel. If this happens, that fuel could ignite and cause a fire outside of the burner.

The container type burners are not as economical as the absorbent types. The fuel burns faster and less efficiently in the cups or containers. Additionally, some of the containers are made from aluminum, which when heated, can emit fumes and odors. If considering an ethanol fireplace with a container burner system, ensure the containers are made from stainless steel and not aluminum.


There is no need for a building permit to install an ethanol fireplace. They are considered portable or temporary, so there is no need to build anything. Even when hanging this type of fireplace from the wall or in the corner, it is just like hanging shelving.

You may also use an existing firebox or fireplace and simply insert the ethanol fireplace into this space. There is no need to connect anything or vent the fireplace.

If you have no existing fireplace or firebox, you may buy a wall or corner mounted unit or one which sits on the floor. Ethanol fireplaces also come in table top styles which are very nice in small spaces or on outdoor patios.


The fuel used in these types of fireplaces is bio ethanol. It comes in two forms: gel and liquid. Gel may be less expensive, but the quality standards are not the same as those for liquid fuel. Both types of fuels are easily shipped and easily found to purchase. Liquid bio ethanol typically comes in one gallon containers and is sold at hardware and grocery stores.


These types of fireplaces come in a wide range of prices, anywhere from around $100 on up and beyond $2,000. There can be big differences in quality between the lower priced units and those which are more expensive. It is also important to shop around, because pricing can vary widely from one location to another.

Design Options

These fireplaces come in a wide variety of styles. They can be used on a table top to just add ambience to an area or be mounted on the floor or wall and used to supplement the warmth of a room.

There are beautiful models which have glass domes over the unit and which make a beautiful focal point for a room or conversation area. Other models are designed to be hung on a wall, which provides the appearance of fire hanging in the middle of the wall.

A very popular design in constructed mostly of glass, with the top remaining open. This fireplace can be hung or left standing, but the elegant look works well in almost any d├ęcor.

Ethanol fireplaces are clean, safe, and good for the environment. They do not have the smoke or odor of wood fireplaces, so do not produce the dust and soot that comes from more traditional fireplaces. Ethanol burners are safe, as long as they are not made from aluminum and are easy to fuel and light.